Back Lane Allotments Association

Grow your own vegetables in Chalfont St Giles



  1. I’d just like to thank the committee for a splendid BBQ on Sunday …. it was the battery charger I needed to finish the clipping of those last few nettles. We were very lucky with the weather, perfect for those maintenance jobs that needed doing. It was also great to meet fellow plotters and exchange ideas and tips.
    Hope we are as lucky for the next maintenance day.

  2. Thank you to whoever left some parsnips and leeks in a basket near the main field. I hope they were left for anyone to take….seemed okay to do so and they’ll be appreciated on my plate a little later. Thank you.

  3. Hi all,
    Just wanted to congratulate you on the new website. It looks amazing! I even shared it on my Facebook page for people to see :).
    I am looking forward to seeing the gallery!
    Happy digging everyone! xx

  4. Tried growing sweet potatoes outdoors this year, but all eaten away below soil surface. Any tips ?

  5. Has anyone had particular success with any variety of cucumber which doesn’t take over its immediate area to detriment of other things growing around it ?

  6. No possible solution. Reconsider whether to grow them next year?

  7. How can I stop badgers from eating and destroying my sweetcorn?

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